Tour to St. Catherine’s Monastery from Sharm el Sheikh

$30 per person

Duration – 06.20 to 16.30
Days: daily except Friday and Sunday

When you come to Egypt it is difficult to decide where to begin learning this country. Still you want to start with something special for the soul

First of all we suggest visiting St. Catherine’s Monastery. In this holy for all Christians place you can see Well of Moses and the Burning Bush. Interesting fact — the monastery is under the protection of the Prophet Mohammed, as evidenced by the decree with the imprint of his hand

Tour to St. Catherine’s Monastery from Sharm el Sheikh program:

  • Departure from Sharm El Sheikh by ​​bus to Santa Caterina
  • Visiting the oldest shrines – the ancient monastery, where the relics of St. Catherine lay,  Chapel of the Burning Bush. You have the opportunity to stay for the beginning of service
  • At the end of a trip you visit Dahab city, where you will visit one of the biggest stores of silver and papyrus
  • Lunch (included)
  • Return to Sharm El Sheikh

What should you take:

  • Passport
  • Breakfast from hotel
  • Water
  • Women should take a shawl to cover head

We recommend wearing clothes covering knees and shoulders both for women and men and comfortable shoes.

During the tour to the Monastery of St. Catherine from Sharm el Sheikh you will go to the St. Catherine National Park, which makes this place even more important. To visit this park you need to go 260 km from the resort of Sharm El Sheikh, to the central part of South Sinai.

Once on the territory of the monastery you immediately notice striking originality of its inhabitants. Monks dressed in robes, Bedouin villages at the foot of the cliffs – all this is so impressive! And it’s before seeing the main attractions of this place!

The major tourist attraction, in my opinion, it is the Moses Mountain. St. Catherine’s Monastery is located just at the foot of this mountain. Its height is 2642 meters and 1500 steps carved by monks. It was there, according to the legend in the Bible, Moses received the 10 Commandments from God. After rising to the top of the mountain you see breathtaking grandeur of nature. At the level of birds flight, seeing the dawn of the sun, comes the feeling as if you soar with them … After hearing the story of this park and the monastery itself, it becomes clear that the age of these attractions is hundreds of millions of years, namely, the age of the mountain ranges around 600 millions of years! But that’s not all.

Going down to the ground, you can walk around the grounds of the monastery of St. Catherine. There is a chapel of the Burning Bush, crypt containing the relics of St. Catherine, a gallery of icons and a library. In it you can see a rare collection of manuscripts and icons, and the library itself is recognized as the second largest after the famous Vatican Library. Excursion to St. Catherine Monastery from Sharm el Sheikh is a mandatory point in the route of thousands of pilgrims from all over the world.