Moses Mount from Sharm El Sheikh tour

$30 per person

Duration – 21.30 to 13.30
Days: each day except Thursday and Saturday

Everywhere in the internet you can read stories how people’s lives changed after they’ve climbed the most famous mountain of Sinai peninsula

For multiple tourists it is one of the best tours of the region. Only ignorant people can be in this country and ignore visiting the main place of interest

Moses Mount from Sharm El Sheikh tour program.

  • In the evening, you leave hotel and move to the monastery of St. Catherine.
  • You climb up the sacred mountain of Moses to meet the sunrise. According to the legend, this is the place, where the sins are forgiven.
  • In the morning you visit the monastery, the Burning Bush and the Well of Moses.


What should you take:

  • Passport
  • Breakfast from hotel
  • Water
  • Towel
  •  Swimming suit
  • Women should take a shawl to cover head

We recommend wearing clothes covering knees and shoulders for both women and men and comfortable shoes during the tour from Sharm El Sheikh to Mount of Moses.

Each tourist who has ever been to the Mount of Moses will always have the sense of touch to the greatest mystery of our world. That is why for centuries the endless stream of pilgrims, who are motivated by a single goal – to visit one of the main shrines of Christendom – does not decrease.

According to the Bible, Moses talked with the Lord on this mountain, who spoke to him from the Burning Bush. After the conversation, Moses received from God the Ten Commandments carved in stone, which are unshakable foundation of the morality for the whole world for several millennia. It is difficult to find a place in the world that can be compared with this shrine, so most tourists vacationing in Egypt, will necessarily visit the Mount of Moses.

Tourists have to make a long way to get there, because this remarkable sight is in the inhabited land, surrounded by the desert for dozens of kilometers, but this fact had never stopped hundreds of thousands of ancient pilgrims who crossed this way on feet. Today, travelers have a huge advantage at their disposal: modern vehicles, which in a few hours without any problems will bring you to the place of excursions. As a rule, climbing begins at night.

Despite the fact that Egypt is one of the hottest countries, night temperature in the desert often falls below zero, so tourists should prepare for it in advance and take warm clothes and comfortable shoes, without which it is impossible to climb. Only thoroughly trained tourists can overcome this difficult path. Rocky ground, darkness, and cold makes this trip a challenge. And just the idea that you are going to meet the Lord in the holy place, and Moses, gives strength to resist the urge to go back. Time choice is not accidental, pilgrims need time to overcome the difficult path and meet the first rays of the sun on the mountaintop. For that moment, the pilgrim is ready to forget about tiredness, pain and cold.

Standing in the light of the rising sun, a man suddenly begins to feel a surge of strength and joy, and tears come to his eyes. This is the point of the decisive moment – you are part of this world, part of its story and you are standing on the very place where Moses and the Lord were speaking thousands of years ago.