Tour to Tiran Island from Sharm el Sheikh

$25 per person

Duration – 08.15 to 17.00
Days: daily

Tiran Island – sunken ship near Tyrant

If you want to make scuba diving in Egypt, the waters of the island of Tiran is definitely the best place for that. Turquoise clear water, a few completely different coral reefs. While traveling to the island of Tiran quite often you can swim with the dolphins

Tour of the Tiran Island from Sharm el Sheikh program:

  • Transfer from the hotel to the port of Sharm el Sheikh
  • Yacht trip to the island of Tiran to coral reefs and wrecks
  • 3 stops for swimming in the open sea
  • Dinner and drinks on the boat (included)

What should you take:

  • Mask
  • Flippers (can be rented)
  • Bathing accessories
  • Sunscreen cream

In the strait between the Sinai Peninsula and the island of Tiran settled four coral reefs: Jackson, Gordon, Woodhouse and Thomas. They are named in honor of the British officers, who once described these places. All reefs except Gordon reef are steep walls, covered with magnificent corals. On the southernmost of the four reefs – Gordon reef – since September 1981 you can see Panamanian merchant ship “Lullya” banked to the left side. You can dive to it during a tour to the Tiran Island from Sharm el Sheikh. In December 1981 one more merchant ship – Cyprus “Lara” – banked to the northern Jackson Reef. In 1996 they began to cut it for scrap, but never brought this work to the end. As a result, up to this day a part of the ship is towering frame with bow section over the reef.

Since 1983, Tiran Island is part of the National Park of Ras Mohammed. There are nestlings of seven species of rare waterfowl birds; and on the north shore of the southern part you can see an extensive mangrove grove. Wildlife of the coral reefs around the island is very popular with tourists. Tours regularly depart to Tiran Island, the beauty of its underwater world are among the best in the world. Visit tour to Tiran Island from Sharm el Sheikh, no place on earth that can be compared with this amazing coral world!