Tour from Sharm el Sheikh to Bedouin village

$20 per person

Duration – 17.00 to 21.00
Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

If you’ve already bought a tour to Egypt, you definitely should have a dinner in Bedouin village. Meal by candlelight under the national songs and dances of the Bedouins. After the dinner, you will hear a supernatural silence and will be fascinated by star-studded night sky

Tour from Sharm el Sheikh to Bedouin village program:

  • Departure from the hotel at about 17.00
  • Camel ride to the Bedouin village (45 min.)
  • Sightseeing of the village, dinner of traditional Bedouin dishes
  • fragrant tea and barbecue
  • meeting dusk in the desert, observation of the sky through a telescope if you wish
  • Return to the hotel at about 21:00


What should you take to visit Bedouin village:

  • Passport
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes

Who are the Bedouins? These tribes lived in the Sinai Peninsula for many centuries. Their life is level and traditions are eternal. They do not recognize any official authorities, have no passports and are not registered anywhere. Fighting for their life every day in the endless stone valleys of Sinai, Bedouins have learned not only to survive but to create a certain comfort for themselves. They are strong men, healthy children, and wise old men. Women in the village are engaged in farming from dawn to dusk, children are sure to help them in this.

Lovely dinner and aroma of real Bedouin tea will stay with you forever. Choosing a tour to Bedouin village from Sharm el Sheikh, you not just get great pleasure from the local color, but also contribute to the support of the indigenous population of the Sinai.